The Secret Shop: Finding Beyond Great Food at Parañaque

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."  © George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman Few years ago we were introduced by our fellow worker to Kuya Bryce Vestre, owner of the Secret Shop Parañaque. Ever since, I dreaded the moment I would come and visit the talked-of-the-town restaurant that serves superb and... Continue Reading →


I Can See Clearly Now

"Eyes are the windows to the soul" It has been 2 months since I had my life changing experience of having my LASIK procedure. I was born with poor eyesight. I remember wearing my first pair of eyeglasses at the age of 5, and started using contact lenses at the age of 16. Since then... Continue Reading →

3rd Workiversary 

It's been 3 wonderful roller-coster years! Who would have thought that we'll end up this long? 😂 No more speeches and dramas. I still love you even when it hurts. I love you more when it hurts. Charot! 😝 Cheers for more hugot and thought provoking years with you. Mahal na mahal kita kahit ang... Continue Reading →

Exploring Zambales: Potipot Island Diaries

Zambales, dubbed as the "Chromite Capital of the Philippines", is a 3-4 hour drive from Manila. The province consists of multiple beaches and is covered by exquisite mountains. Aside from its natural beauty, Zambales is also a record holder, for having the sweetest mango in the world, by the Guinness Book of World Records. Truly,... Continue Reading →

Change is Coming

After 90 days of non-stop campaigning, finally, the Filipino people casted their votes.  I hope that this election give this country its continued democracy. The kind of democracy that our grandfathers fought for many years ago. I pray that whoever won this election gives us the kind of change that we all yearn for.  And... Continue Reading →

“I dreamed a dream that never dies!”

Little did everyone knows, I secretly dreamed of becoming a stage actor ever since my cousins taught me to portray "Sisa" and performed it in front of my second grade classmates. It sparked when I was able to memorized Hamlet's Soliloquy back on fifth grade, when my cousin's were back in college and studying acts... Continue Reading →


It seems that I really miss youbut what if pride is there too? Do I have to come and say sorry? Even if deep inside I'm burning with self-pity. I miss the presence of yours, even though you're giving gifts to me before, my heart yells for you more and more. so please, show me... Continue Reading →

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