Welcoming 2017

2016 has been an amazing roller-coaster ride. A year full of fun and adventure. Looking back, 2016 turns out to be the most thought provoking year of my life. Trials, problems, sadness, hardships became my companion. Stress becomes a habit. Heartache becomes constant. Depression accentuated. Quarter to mid life crisis intensified. And most of all problems becomes rigid. 

This year appears to be an eye opener. I would like to welcome this year with lots of positivity. I realized that when you eliminate all forms of negativity, life uprises. 

May this year come out as what I hope it would be. 2017 is a game changer and I would like to think that I am playing it well. Cheers to a better you and better me this 2017. I am ready! 

PS: Please watch my 2016 video by this link (Life of a Party)


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