Exploring Zamboanga del Norte: The Orchid City Diaries

Known as the Orchid City of the Philippines, Dipolog City is one of the 5 major cities of Zamboanga Peninsula, located at the westernmost part of Mindanao, hence it is also known as the Gateway to Western Mindanao. Dipolog City somehow gained its popularity by its neighboring city–Dapitan City, which is known also as its “Twin City”. It was home to various tourist attractions, festivals, and restaurants that caters the need of the growing public. 

One of its main attraction is the Linabo Peak that offers the panoramic view of the twin cities of Dipolog and Dapitan. The place also houses its annual pilgrimage known locally as “Katkat Sakripisyo” of Catholic devotees during Lenten Season. 

Because of its rich history that varies from Spanish, Japanese, and American regimes, the city has a diverse culture and strong religious faith that was greatly influenced by the Jesuits Society that came to the Philippines for evangelization. 

The city’s attraction is not just limited to its beautifully rich history and culture. Everywhere you go when you’re in Dipolog, is a place of a more defined attraction.

We also visited the well known tourist attraction of Zamboanga del Norte, which is Dakak Park and Beach Resort. It was located to Dipolog’s Twin City–Dapitan and a 45-minute-drive from the city’s town proper. 

This trip cost me about, more or less, Php 6,500 (including airfare, hotel accommodation, food, transportation, and airport terminal fee) and you can still lessen it you plan on bringing food with you. But as for me, part of visiting a new place is trying to taste its food, which is a must try. 

Traveling for me is a food for my soul. I save a lot for me to explore different attractions. I always wanted to travel exotic places that is not known by most people, after all, it would be a satisfying adventure when you go to a place less crowded. 

Disclaimer: All photos featured were taken by me. Please also watch my video diary of this trip through this link: https://vimeo.com/189918720


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