The Secret Shop: Finding Beyond Great Food at Parañaque

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

© George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

Few years ago we were introduced by our fellow worker to Kuya Bryce Vestre, owner of the Secret Shop Parañaque. Ever since, I dreaded the moment I would come and visit the talked-of-the-town restaurant that serves superb and delectable meals. 

After years of eagerness to try out the renowned taste of Kuya Bryce’s the Secret Shop, I finally got the chance to experience it. The Secret Shop is not your typical restaurant. It is the home of the chef itself, Bryce Vestre. It is located near Baclaran Church, open daily from 9pm-12mn, and is strictly by reservation only.* 

Aside from being a chef by night, he’s also a gym trainer by day. The Secret Shop is actually established by his passion with living healthy. After a rough day at the gym, he would cook healthy food for his clients. Turns out, he’s not just a good trainer but also agreeably a skilled chef, and so The Secret Shop was founded.

Since the shop is strictly by schedule, you can already make your order upon reservation. He can totally cook anything and everything under the sun! And the good thing there is he uses healthy and secret ingredients that would heartily make your stomach pleased. Your order also comes with a free salad and a bottomless iced tea too. 

Visit The Secret Shop Parañaque and experience a one of a kind food at a not so typical place. 

*follow The Secret Shop Parañaque at Facebook for more details. 


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