Exploring CamSur: Caramoan Diaries


Caramoan has been home to the worldwide phenomenal hit TV show franchised “Survivor”. Located at the eastern part of the Philippines and surrounded by Philippine Sea. It is approximately 500 kms away from Manila and 95 kms away from Pili, the heart of Bicol region. 

Bounded by various islands, Caramoan is an ideal place for island-hopping and snorkeling. With its pristine and powdery white sand beaches, you can almost feel like you’re at the famous island of Boracay. You can also experience rock climbing, where you can see the famous ‘Magical Bangus’ of Caramoan. There’s also a spectacular lighthouse erected on a grassy hill of Guinahoan Island.

West Peninsula Villas
Manlawi Sandbar
Matukad Island
The spot where you can see the ‘Magical Bangus’ of Caramoan
View of Liwan Beach from Guinahuan Lighthouse

Disclaimer: Photos came from my colleagues during the trip. Facts about Caramoan Island came from Wikipedia, West Peninsula Villas, and Insights.looloo.com


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  1. Ano yang “Magical Bangus” na yan? haha . πŸ˜€ I will visit this place soon. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€

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    1. mjkbm says:

      It’s a story of 2 bangus located at Matukad Island. Then yung isang bangus hinuli at kinain ng isang mangingisda. Then after that, nobody knew what happened to him kaya wala ng nagtangkang huliin siya. Kaya they call it the ‘Magical Bangus’ of Caramoan. 😊


  2. How do u get to the islands? Did you travel by land or by boat? Tnx po


    1. mjkbm says:

      Hi Heileeandrewhei, we travelled from Pili to Caramoan by land then from Caramoan to the islands by boat. 😊

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      1. Have you thought of driving to caramoan? I’m guessing that there was a road straight there if I’m not mistaken. Tnx and keep it up!!! 🌞🌞🌞


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