“I dreamed a dream that never dies!”

Little did everyone knows, I secretly dreamed of becoming a stage actor ever since my cousins taught me to portray “Sisa” and performed it in front of my second grade classmates. It sparked when I was able to memorized Hamlet’s Soliloquy back on fifth grade, when my cousin’s were back in college and studying acts of Hamlet, and when I learned by heart the “Balcony” scene of “Romeo and Juliet”. 

Because of my deep admiration with Theater Arts, I dreamed of flying to London and see the Broadway. I remember enlisting some of my favorite plays that I want to see. And when I heard that Les Misérables will be having their Manila leg, I was more than thrilled! The idea of watching it live was more than what I have ever dreamed of. The whole cast is vivacious. Cameron Mackintosh did a tremendous job with Les Mis. The actors was superb with their performances, the props and its overall production was exquisite. 

With all fairness to Miss Rachelle Ann Go, who played Fantine, was quite remarkable. Her talent was powerful enough and she deserves every minute of her performance on that stage. The other actors were impressive as well, especially Simon Gleeson (Jean Valjean), Cameron Blakely (Thénardier), Helen Walsh (Madame Thénardier), and our very own Telesa De Torres (little Cosette).

The splendid performances of the actors gave justice to Victor Hugo’s monumental success of creating Les Misérables. It gave me more than enough reason to love Theater arts even more. Les Mis Manila was a massive success and I do hope that more theater plays will be playing here in the Philippines in the near future. Kudos! 



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