It seems that I really miss youbut what if pride is there too?

Do I have to come and say sorry?

Even if deep inside I’m burning with self-pity.
I miss the presence of yours,

even though you’re giving gifts to me before,

my heart yells for you more and more.

so please, show me your love that I adore.
I remember our days so full of love,

with Him as our witness from above.

Telling us that it’s true love that we found.

With you and I being so bound.
And every time I think of you,

I just cherish the love that we’ve been through.

And for the times that we were together,

I always pray that it’ll be forever.
But how could we end like this?

I have questions in my mind, so answer me, please?

Answers from your heart and soul, with no regrets and sorrow,

from a heart that I, unknowingly, selfishly borrowed.
I don’t know how to end this poem of mine,

‘Cause I want you to hear it all the time.

And when the time comes that I’m going to die,

I just want to say, “I love you, but, goodbye!”

circa Mar 2007



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