I now, officially, welcomes myself to WordPress. This new year gave me an exciting idea to create a blog/site wherein I can share with the world every memorable experience that I’ll be having. I really hope that every visitor of this page would find it enjoyable to look at. Every single thing that I will publish here reflects my personality, lifestyle, ideas about love, life, music, books, and any random things that I can come up with. Having said that, I would want to share with you my first published post through this amazing book that I’ve read over the past holiday season. A book by James Dashner.

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The Maze Runner Trilogy
I would not go into details about what this book is all about, because I’m quite sure that some of you might have read it already. I just want to share how this book was beautifully written by Mr. Dashner. The plot is amazingly crafted, especially because it’s science fiction. With this day and age, science fiction can be created easily, but not all of us could create a story like this one that creates awareness of how, in the future, our race would be endangered. I wouldn’t even think that kind of idea would happen to us especially that our world is becoming more and more over-populated every second of everyday. And Mr. Dashner gave us an idea that human race might be endangered in the next years to come because of our own fault, because of how negligent we came to be, and somehow this book became a perfect tool for us to be a responsible citizen and that we should care not just for our environment, but also for one another for the benefit of the next generations to come.

The Kill Order (prequel) was also published after the third book of this series, but I decided to read it after The Fever Code (the second prequel) has been published.


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